Ligman Inspired by Nature - Textured Finishes

LIGMAN can now offer a number of unique decorative powder coating finishes to a number of our Indoor and Outdoor product ranges. These are a new generation of powders and heat transfer films that result in stunning and durable natural looking finishes, suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

Our Woodland Portfolio offers three popular contemporary wood-effect finishes as Standard options and a number of additional wood types available Upon Request. We also offer our Urban Portfolio, which contains a number of other natural textured effects, including concrete and stone. Again, with additional options available Upon Request.

The process operates under precise standards, garnering certificates from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and acknowledged by the European Laboratory and Research Organisation. It begins by pre-treating raw aluminium to develop light layers of amorphous oxide. Non-hazardous powder paint is applied by electrostatic guns to create a 2.5 mils layer of coating. Heat is applied to the base coat to create lasting durability. A printed film transfer is then vacuum sealed to the surface for a complete thermo print and then transferred into a customized oven. The oven transforms the ink into different forms within the paint layer before it becomes solid. Finally, the film is removed and a vivid natural texture effect remains.

Additional finishes available on request

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