Vertical fixation of Solar PV modules is a clean, efficient method of integrating solar photovoltaic technology onto column lighting systems. This approach means that we avoid the use of large, cumbersome solar panels that are mounted on top of the lighting column and instead fix them around the lighting pole. This seamlessly integrates the technology aesthetically without compromising the efficiency, adding value to both designers and end users.

Vertical integration is more wind-resistant, reducing wind-loads and minimizing the need for more expensive pole foundations. It also provides a reduced maintenance burden with the reduction of dirt build up on the photovoltaic surfaces requiring both less frequent and easier cleaning.
The vertical wrap-around panels receive light more evenly and efficiently from the sun and sky during the course of daylight hours, even in darker climates and seasons.

With an array of luminaire styles, outputs & optics, Ligman are able to provide a solution suit any application.

We are working closely with Ligman to further develop this product, a first step has been to pull critical information from the solar charge controller remotely and logging it in a BMS/ Facilities IoT system, giving councils & building managers the ability to monitor performance and action maintenance effectively when required.