Ligman Tailor-made

LIGMAN’s complete in-house design and manufacturing capability provides a unique opportunity to customers for custom luminaire designs, adaptations, variations and specials.

Their team of expert designers can look at your specific project ideas and produce engineering drawings and pricing for your consideration to take forward. Over the years LIGMAN has undertaken hundreds of custom project solutions and won numerous bids through their service and flexibility for meeting our customer’s needs. 

LIGMAN recently completed the TechMed Centre project at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. The TechMed Centre is beautiful renovation of the University’s former ‘Technohal’ and provides new student facilities. 

Custom galvanized steel suspended exterior LIGHTALK luminaires were designed through the LIGMAN Tailor-Made service. 

As part of their manufacturing capability, LIGMAN now offers bespoke laser etched and cut Podium designs. Available in aluminum or steel LIGMAN can work with you to create stunning laser-cut designs for podiums, signage and screens,
We can offer internally illuminated designs or front lit, with finishes ranging from our standard powder coats through to Corten, wood, stone and other special finishes from both our LIGMAN Tailor-Made extended powder-coat options and Inspired by Nature textured finishes.