Ebbett Group - Solar Poles

Project Team
ArchitectChow: Hill
Brian Rastrick
BuilderFoster Construction
Electrical EngineerMicon Engineering
Electrical ContractorFeisst Electrical

Impressions Lighting have assisted Micon Engineering in the lighting design and supply of all lighting on the new Ebbett Hamilton Precinct, as part of that an over flow car park has been built at a site not far from the precinct.

With no other power being needed on this site, Ebbett's & the design team wanted to explore the option of solar powered lighting.
During the design phase Ligman was developing their new Vertical PV Solar poles, having learnt a great deal around solar in the process of this project, Impressions Lighting are proud to show our first solar lighting installation in New Zealand, the first of a number of projects in the pipeline with Ligman's Vertical PV Solar Pole.

With customizable settings and the ability to customize the pole itself, this product makes achieving a reliable solar lighting system simple and ensure it looks good.

Photo Credits - Josh Duckett