Feilding CBD Upgrade

Project Team
Lighting DesignerEssential Lighting Consultancy
Steve Muir
ClientManawatu District Council

With the NZTA M30 approval and listing of the Ligman Atlantic (Hamilton) and Manawatu District Council looking to complete an upgrade of their aging decorative lanterns in the CBD, Steve Muir reached out to see what was possible.

Utilizing Ligman's MicroVos variable optic system, a custom optic arrangement was developed to meet the needs of the existing installation without the need to install additional poles.
Ligman's laboratory team provided unmatched technical assistance through out the process of developing an optical arrangement that worked best for the installation all while staying complaint with the M30 performance criteria.

A total of 87 luminaires have been installed across the CBD in a mix of custom red & green finishes to match the existing poles.

Photo Credits - Josh Duckett