Worcester Boulevard - Christchurch

Project Team
Lighting DesignerConnetics
ClientConnetics / Christchurch City Council

With the NZTA M30 approval and listing of the Ligman Atlantic (Hamilton) and Worcester Boulevard in need of an upgrade to LED, Justine Lim at Connetics reached out to see if the Atlantic was suitable.

The Ligman Atlantic was customized with a cast aluminum swept shade & a custom red powder coated finish, resulting in it meeting the needs of Christchurch City Council for this iconic street.

Supplied as DALI to enable remote mounted iTron nodes to be installed on the top of each pole for remote control and monitoring, The Atlantic was successful at ticking all the heritage & architectural requirement's as well as all the performance criteria.

Ligman's ability to modify and produce custom dies inhouse has resulted in another stunning project here in New Zealand.

A total of 134 luminaires have been installed in 2021.

Photo Credits - Josh Duckett