Genesis Energy

Project Team
ArchitectEdwards White Architects
Grant Edwards
Daniel Smith
DeveloperFoster Develop
BuilderFoster Construction
Electrical EngineerBECA
Electrical ContractorFeisst Electrical

Impressions Lighting designed and supplied all lighting products for Genesis Energy's new headquarters in Hamilton.
Working closely with the Genesis Energy and the project team to come up with a design that met the client’s strict lighting requirements.

One of the challenges was the use of a 1500mm x 500mm suspended ceiling system used throughout the project that was installed in a herringbone pattern.

The look they desired was for linear lines of light that occasionally changed direction so that the large open plan spaces didn’t have long lines of luminaires. With the ceiling tiles being so large, we were concerned that cutting out a slot in them for a light fitting would weaken the tile.

Thanks to the flexibility of PXF Lighting we were able to adapt the SUN LED to make an extra large fitting 1495mm x 495mm to fit in the ceiling grid so that it was easy to install and created the “slot of light” effect.
The end result worked beautifully and was a cost effective solution for this application. 

Photo Credits - Crestline & Josh Duckett