Te Papa Museum

In 2018 Impressions Lighting was asked by Te Papa, The Museum Of New Zealand, to submit our options of lamps, drivers and accessories that could be used in a major refurbishment of their existing halogen track mounted spotlights, to change them to LED.

The brief was stringent and precise which made it a huge challenge to achieve. 

They required the highest colour rendering possible CRI95, a driver that could be dimmed down to 1% without stroboscopic effects, an on board dimmer fitted to the spotlights, lenses that could change the beam angle of the lamp and glare control louvres.

We promoted the Soraa range of lamps that are the only LED lamp in the world that are manufactured from a magenta base instead of the blue base that all other LED’s are manufactured from.

This magenta base gives us a superior white rendering to standard LED’s with the R9 red being in the high 90’s achieving a rich saturated red. 

The Soraa AR111 lamp fitted perfectly into the existing halogen fixture which made for an easy installation.
It took some time for us to find the perfect driver to run these lamps so that they dimmed smoothly down to 1% without any stroboscopic effects.
A driver was sourced from the UK that gave us the perfect result that Te Papa needed.

The Soraa Snap System is a clever magnetized way of adding beam shaping lenses and glare control attachments to these lamps without affecting their performance.
This was a key feature of these lamps that Te Papa appreciated as it gave them all the flexibility that they required with the vast amount of lighting effects that they need to employ at times.

The addition of the on board dimmer to these spotlights has now given them a level of flexibility that they have never had before with the majority of their lighting.
Our solution has exceeded their expectations and will be the backbone of their lighting for the next 25 years.